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Ideal digital solutions for skilled trades

Simplify processes and procedures through software and service

In order to successfully practice your trade, you need efficient, smooth, and, above all, networked processes at all levels – whether on construction sites, in the office, or in commerce. OneQrew offers a wide range of digital products that simplifies your daily work. 

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, from onboarding through implementation, OneQrew partners are with you every step of the way to ensure that you have a customized solution, tailored to your needs. 


Our customers are at the center of all of our software development activities to offer you highly usable and accessible products and the best experience possible.

Optimized for
mobile use

Our technology goes where you go. Whether at your desktop or on your tablet or smartphone, our software is optimized for mobile use, allowing for higher efficiency, productivity, and flexibility.

storage location

Whether you prefer your own server (on-prem) or a cloud as the storage medium – we offer solutions for every need.

Digital solutions

Discover new perspectives

Operate more effectively through the digitization of your core business processes and gain a competitive market advantage. The OneQrew product range offers versatile and modular possibilities for all trade activities.

Whether order processing, accounting, HR management, time recording, communication, document management, planning, production, or sales at OneQrew you will quickly and easily find the right software or app solutions.

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