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More craftsmanship. Less office-work.

Your central software partner for skilled trades

Combine tradition and digitalization

Today, skilled trades require not only passion, know-how, and experience – but also efficient software solutions. Our platform provides these solutions. Connecting skilled-trade companies with the innovative software manufacturers in our group, OneQrew is streamlining the digital transformation of the skilled-trades sector.

Our mission

We bring skilled-trade companies together with our group of companies to offer tailored software solutions that simplify daily work routines and ensure competitive capacity. 

Our values

We act as your equal partner, combining an in-depth understanding of skilled trades and technology with forethought and a focus on people and their needs. Open and clear communication, authenticity, on schedule.

Our offering

Manage order processing, accounting, recruiting, planning, and manufacturing from a single application. Digitization saves time and frees up resources to better serve customers, identify new opportunities, and outpace the competition. 

Seizing opportunities together

OneQrew connects the skilled-trades sector with the future – and with digital products that facilitate your daily work routine. And not only that – we also connect software companies with new opportunities within our group. All with mutual success in mind. 

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