OneQrew: The new digital platform for skilled trades

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A group of companies consisting of leading German providers of software for skilled trades unites under a common name and a common brand identity // Expansion of market leadership in DACH 

Freiburg, February 23, 2023 – The group of companies around TAIFUN, M·SOFT, PraKom, P Software & Services, extragroup, and FFUF, which unites leading German software manufacturers for the skilled trades becomes OneQrew. The new name represents innovation based on tradition, experience, industry excellence and software developed to meet market demands. In addition to the continuation of successful products, OneQrew aims to become the industry standard software platform for all skilled trades by offering the best modern SaaS solution to enable the digital transformation of skilled trades. 

OneQrew, the industry leader for ERP skilled trades software in the D-A-CH region, continues to grow with plans of expansion into other European countries. This objective will be achieved through continued organic growth and a strong M&A strategy. In the second half of the fiscal year 2022, OneQrew welcomed additional successful companies to the software group – QOMET, AAA EDV, CP Pro, scireum, and DIGI-ZEITERFASSUNG, expanding the existing expertise in trades to include the needs of building-related service providers, manufacturers, as well as wholesalers with innovative PIM and shop systems. The group is also strengthening its cross-trade expertise with products for metal construction, scaffolding, and timber construction, as well as with a location in Switzerland. At the same time, OneQrew is investing significantly in the constant development of its own cloud and platform products. 

The skilled trades are currently in an exciting phase of major changes. Existing digital solutions frequently have their origins in the first generation of the computer age and are in some cases based on decadesold programs and interfaces. Companies seeking to work more efficiently in the future and striving to be more attractive to young skilled workers and trainees must enter the next stage of digitalization. They need integrated, cloud-based applications that can be synchronized with mobile apps. Time-consuming daily tasks should be automated, and planning and finance should be optimized. The market demands solutions that provide direct, straightforward assistance with these processes. With the creation of OneQrew, the foundation is now in place to develop next-generation, digital skilled-trades solutions in Germany and Europe – building on the decades of industry experience of the founding companies. 

“With TAIFUN, I am pleased to be a founding member of the group and to see how the individual companies are growing together and are united in their commitment to further digitalize the skilled trades. For me, the “One” in the name OneQrew unites entrepreneurs with complementary skills and their teams with in-depth knowledge and decades of experience in the skilled-trades context into one crew. Here, what grows together belongs together!” comments Heiko Mundt, founder of TAIFUN.

“If we want to maintain the innovative power of local, European companies in our industry and strengthen them against the competition from overseas, then we must use synergies. In the age of platforms, it will be difficult for small software houses to survive on their own. Cloud, app-based digital processes and SaaS offerings are no longer foreign words, even in the field of skilled-trades software. However, providing appropriate solutions requires a high level of investment, which in turn requires a company of an appropriate size,” points out Dominik Hartmann, CEO of OneQrew. “With the founding of OneQrew we manage to ‘square the circle’ so to speak: On the one hand, we will bundle the products and market shares of our eleven group companies and the knowledge of almost 600 employees under a strong umbrella in our crew. On the other hand, we will also retain the characteristics and particular strengths of our individual brands.”

Dieter Kutschus, one of the founders of DIGI-ZEITERFASSUNG, explains why he and the other shareholders have become part of OneQrew: “After decades of independence, we gave it a lot of thought and carefully weighed whether we would give up this independence. And if so, with whom. For the benefit of our customers and with a view toward a long-term competitive position we now see the advantages of a larger group of companies in OneQrew. The vision, the technology roadmap, and the people behind it all have convinced us to shape digitalization of the skilled trades in the coming decades as part of OneQrew”.

“In OneQrew we see the perfect partner for accelerated implementation of our vision: Creating efficient processes and added value for all market participants – industry, commerce, and the skilled trades – through digital data exchange. Our teams are happy to be part of the Qrew; we see the ‘ONE’ in the name as a double incentive: We grow together as ‘ONE’ team and at the same time we are number 1 in the market. We stand up to defend this position for the benefit of our customers!”, states Michael Haufler, one of the founders of scireum.

About OneQrew 

OneQrew is the central digital partner for skilled trades. Solutions for the office and on the go: One app for all end devices and automation functions facilitate the daily routine in all trades, while at the same time laying the foundation for the future of skilled trades. Under the umbrella of OneQrew, eleven software houses from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland have come together to form a group of companies without giving up their own identity and history. The well-known brands, TAIFUN, M·SOFT, P Software & Services, extragroup, PraKom, FFUF, QOMET (Softwareschmiede Höffl), CP Pro, AAA EDV, DIGI-ZEITERFASSUNG, and scireum will remain active on the market and customers can rely on familiar communication channels. Yet at the same time, OneQrew offers a new and overarching platform concept. With more than 550 employees, OneQrew supplies more than 25 000 companies (which in turn employ more than 180 000 people) with customized software and accelerates the digital transformation of the skilled-trades sector. Cumulative customer sales amount to more than 18 billion euros. Based on comprehensive commercial solutions, customers are supported in order processing, materials management, marketing, and sales as well as accounting: In the office, on the go, and on construction sites. The CEO is Dominik Hartmann, who was formerly responsible for the cloud transformation of German software manufacturers as part of Microsoft’s partner organization. Later on in his career, as Managing Director of Lexware, he continued to drive the digital transformation of small and medium-sized German companies.

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