JUPROWA, Accantum and mexXsoft reinforce the OneQrew

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OneQrew, a prominent conglomerate of leading software specialists for the craft industry including TAIFUN, M-SOFT, PraKom, extragroup, and DIGI, announces its expansion with the acquisition of software manufacturers Accantum, JUPROWA, and mexXsoft. This strategic move amplifies OneQrew’s already dominant presence in the HVAC and electrical sectors while introducing new capabilities in document management (DMS), workflow management (WMS), and landscaping.

The existing structures of all three companies will be preserved while OneQrew’s Kai Ingo Seidel will be joining their respective management teams. In line with OneQrew’s longstanding approach to mergers, customers of Accantum, JUPROWA, and mexXsoft can expect a seamless transition. They will continue to have access to their familiar product lineup and their established points of contact within the respective companies. Further enhancing the customer experience, they will also gain effortless access to a wider array of offerings from the OneQrew portfolio.


Accantum, a leading provider of advanced DMS and WMS solutions for the skilled trades since 2000, is thrilled to join the dynamic OneQrew conglomerate. “This merger presents exciting opportunities for our company and employees. With OneQrew, we are set to leverage existing synergies and collectively bolster our market position,” expressed Accantum’s founder and Managing Director, Hans Lemke.


JUPROWA, an innovative cloud solutions developer, and the first to create German-language software for craftworkers, initiated its operations in Austria in 1984 before expanding to Germany in 1987. “The strategic union of JUPROWA and OneQrew sets the trajectory for our company’s future, benefiting both our employees and existing innovation providers,” stated JUPROWA’s Managing Director, Manfred Richter.


mexXsoft, established in 2008 by Lars Fichtner, offers all-in-one industry software for landscaping, construction, and auxiliary building trades. Fichtner says, “OneQrew, as an investor, aligns with our company’s values and visions, providing us robust support to continue developing innovative solutions for the skilled trades.”


As the leading provider of ERP handicraft software in the German-speaking regions of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, OneQrew is poised for further growth with planned acquisitions in Q2 2023 and a strategic expansion into additional European markets. This goal will be accomplished through continuous organic growth and a robust M&A strategy. In H2 2022, OneQrew successfully integrated QOMET, AAA EDV, CP-Pro, scireum, and DIGI into the group.

“We’re excited to grow our crew with Accantum, JUPROWA, and mexXsoft. It’s a testament to our effective strategy of creating a unified platform for digitizing the skilled trades industry in Germany and Europe,” said Dominik Hartmann, CEO of OneQrew. Bernd Sengpiehl, CTO of OneQrew, added, “I’m particularly enthusiastic about the mature products and technologies that will enhance our DMS and workflow management strategies across the group. We warmly welcome all employees of the new group companies to our team.”

About OneQrew
OneQrew is the central digital partner for skilled trades, offering solutions for office and on-the-go operations. It simplifies everyday tasks across all trades and sets the foundation for the future of the industry. Fourteen software companies from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland have merged to form the OneQrew group, retaining their individual identities and histories. With nearly 600 employees, OneQrew provides tailored software solutions for over 27,000 businesses with a total of 190,000 employees, accelerating the digitization of the industry. OneQrew’s solutions support customers with order processing, merchandise management, marketing and sales, and accounting in the office, on the move, and at the construction site.

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